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GeoPackage Mobile

Latest Updates:
11/1/16: Displaying GeoPackage data of Cupertino on GPKG Mobile

GPKG Mobile is a mobile app operated by Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS), George Mason University, led by Dr. Liping Di, developed by Dr. Ziheng Sun, Dr. Gil Heo, and Chen Zhang.

As a GeoPackage Implementation of CMAPI (Common Map API), the app provides the major functions including:

• accessing and manipulating Googls Maps and OpenLayers at the same time
• inputing user’s GeoPackage format data or sample data
• displaying and managing GeoPackage data on both Google Maps and OpenLayers
• performing all channels of CMAPI (map.overlay channels, map.feature channels, map.view channels, map.status channels) on both Googls Maps and OpenLayers

GPKG Mobile is now available at Apple App Store.

A demo video of GeoPackage Mobile: